• LAG Bura

Local Action Group (LAG) Bura was established on 25 October 2011 for the purpose of preparing and familiarizing local self-government units with implementation of the LEADER Rural Development Procedures as well as the principles of sustainable rural development. The main tasks of LAG’s are to establish communication and synergies of all elements of society for the purpose of building local capacity for management, valorisation of economic potential and development of new values.  LAG is established as a civil society organisation and represents a partnership between local self-government, entrepreneurship and civil society within the area for the purpose of sustainable development. LAG Bura covers the area of nine units of local self-government (JLS): the town of Obrovac and the municipalities of Jasenice, Novigrad, Poličnik, Posedarje, Ražanac, Starigrad, Vrsi and Zemunik Donji.


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