9.LAG tender T.O.1.1.1. “Support for investments in physical property for plant and livestock production”

On 22.02.2023 LAG “BURA” announces 9th LAG Tender from LRS LAG for T.O. 1.1.1. “Support to investments in physical assets for plant and livestock production” which is in accordance with T.O. 6.3.1. from the Rural Development Program of the Republic of Croatia 2014-2020.
The total amount of available funds in this Tender is EUR 225.000,00.
The level of support per project application holder is EUR 15.000,00.
Applications are accepted from 13.03. to 17.04.2023.

The text of the LAG Tender as well as other accompanying documentation can be found in the continuation of the publication.

The first workshop will be held in the city hall in Obrovac, 01.03. on Wednesday at 10 am, and the second workshop at the Development Center in Poličnik will be held on Thursday 02.03. at 12 pm.


Obrazac A. Prijavni obrazac

Obrazac B. Poslovni plan – opisni dio

Obrazac B. Poslovni plan – tablični dio

Obrazac C. Izjava o veličini



Prilog I Natječajna dokumentacija

Prilog II. Popis proizvoda

Prilog III. Vodič za korisnike o definiciji malih i srednjih poduzeća