Birds in nature (Birdwatching for children)

LAG Bura has successfully applied for and implemented the Birds in Nature project through the Public Call for Proposals for Programs and Projects of Associations for Grants under the Available Funds of the Zadar County Budget for 2022. The project was awarded HRK 7.354.44, the project was also supported by the Paklenica National Park. The aim of the project is to protect the nature of birds and introduce the youngest generations to the natural habitats of the municipality of Zemunik and the sub-Velebit channel of the municipalities of Starigrad and Maslenica, which belong to conservation areas important for birds that are the most numerous group of vertebrates. Student cooperatives from these areas participated in the project.

We especially thank the director Natalija Andačić and the park staff prof. Gordan Lukač, expert leader prof. Biljana Agić and hiking guide Nikica Bušljeta. The staff held a four-hour workshop on bird watching, what species are present in the park, how they survive, what are their most important characteristics and why they chose Paklenica for life. Pupils had the opportunity to play fun games tailored to their age and get to know the nature of the park. For some of the students, this was their first encounter with the Paklenica National Park.

12 binoculars and 30 birdhouses obtained from the project funds were distributed to student cooperatives. The realization of this project enables the goal of student cooperatives to encourage and develop environmental awareness. Bird watching already enjoys bird recognition, which easily becomes a fascinating hobby for many families. By setting up birdhouses and feeders in school gardens and educating about endangered species, children have the opportunity to have fun in the fresh air in nature. This project will enable students of cooperatives to get to know bird species through fieldwork and bird watching, setting up birdhouses as a way to protect nature, and the education itself will develop interest in birds and bird habitats, some of which are currently endangered by climate change.